The 411 on Bronzers Applucation

6th July, 2016

The 411 on Bronzer Application


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Bronzers has many function. It can be used to contour the face, create a sun-kissed glow, or enhance the look of already tanned skin. There are different types of bronzers that create slightly different looks, including cream-based, power, liquid, and spray products. Here’s a closer look at the different types of bronzers and how to apply them.

Cream Bronzer
When using a cream bronzer, it’s best to use a regular or tinted moisturizer as a base instead of foundation to prevent going too dark. Put a small amount of bronzer onto a sponge and apply to areas of the face that tan naturally, such as the chin, cheeks and bridge of the nose. Blend the color using circular motions.

Power Bronzer
Just a little bit of powder bronzer goes a long way. Begin by swirling the tip of your brush into the bronzing powder, then tap the brush against the container to release any excess powder. Swipe the powder on top of the cheekbones, across the forehead and bridge of the nose, and lightly on the chin. Also add color to the neck area.

Liquid Bronzer
Before applying liquid bronzer, start with a cream or liquid foundation to create an even base. Next, apply the liquid bronzer on the cheek, the high plane of the forehead, and lightly on the neck. It’s easiest to apply liquid bronzer using clean fingertips, which gives you the most control. If you don’t want to use foundation, liquid bronzer can also be used with a moisturizer base.

Spray Bronzer
Spray or airbrush bronzer is a little more tricky then other options. The color can be applied to the skin via the fingers, a brush or a tanning mitt. Apply the color in the desired areas to create a naturally tan look and blend well. Allow the bronzer to fully dry before dressing.

In addition to creating a beautiful golden brown appearance, bronzer can also conceal uneven skin pigmentation and imperfections like blemishes and spider veins. Try the various types of bronzer to see which is best for you.