Lash and Eyebrow Treatments


Tinting results in beautiful, well-defined lashes and brows, and a little more free time in the morning. We use premium long lasting professional tints for our eyelash and eyebrow colouring and conditioning, and carry a wide range of colour options. Our expert therapists will guide your colour selection and processing time.


Price Structure

Eyebrow Tint
Eyelash Tint
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint
Eyebrow Wax Tint
Eyebrow Wax & Eyelash and Brow Tint


  • There are additional Informed Consent forms to be completed before tinting. Please arrive 10 minutes before your first appointment to complete these so we may start your service on time. To request a copy of these forms to be sent prior to your appointment, please ask our reception when booking.
  • If you wear contact lenses, be sure to take them out before the procedure. You can reinsert them the next day. If your eyes are especially sensitive, have some saline or lubricating eyedrops to rinse your eyes afterward.
  • The results of permanent tints can last from one to three months. To make your tint last longer, avoid using exfoliating alpha hydroxy and glycolic acid cleansers, which can strip color from brows, around your eyes.

Post-Care Instructions

Congratulations! You’ve just experienced a revolutionary tooth whitening procedure. The next 48 hours are important in enhancing and maximizing your whitening results for a long lasting, bright and healthy smile.

  • If you have sensitivity issues, it may be helpful to drink cool, clear liquids and / or use Liquid Vitamin-E or possibly a desensitizing gel.  Instead of toothpaste, brushing with a mixture of Baking Soda and peroxide.
  • It is okay to brush with fluoride toothpaste 2-4 hrs after treatment but before eating/drinking to seal enamel pores to help prevent further staining.
  • We recommend avoiding coffee, tea, dark colored sodas, red wines, smoking, berries, candy, red sauces, soy sauce, beets or any foods that have the ability to stain. *Remember if it can stain a white t-shirt it can stain your teeth.
  • Avoid staining related habits.
  • Use an automated toothbrush.
  • Seek regular professional dental hygiene care to maintain oral health, keep staining to a minimum and determine the need for whitening touch-ups.
  • Practice good oral hygiene including thorough teeth brushing, flossing to remove debris from between the teeth, and tongue cleaning. Your dental professional will assist you in selecting the products to maintain not only a white smile, but a healthy one as well!


If done by a well-trained and highly experienced therapist, tinting is considered safe by dermatologists and doctors. There are a small number of individuals who may have an allergic reaction to tints, hair dyes and other chemical treatments. It is only in rare situations that the reaction can be severe. If you’ve ever gotten a rash from an allergic reaction to henna or to hair dye containing para-phenylenediamine (PPD), then you may also develop an allergic rash to lash or brow dyes and should not use them.

We offer a complimentary test patch service for all clients and this is mandatory if you have not had tinting in the past (or an additional waiver must be signed should you wish to forgo the test patch). Even people who have their eyelashes and eyebrows tinted regularly can still have an allergic reaction.


Henna Spa is a great alternative to brow tinting with no ammonia and no hydrogen peroxide needed to process the colour.  The Henna Spa range has seven beautiful colours that lasts on hair for up to four weeks and offers a wonderful skin staining effect on the skin for up to a week or more depending on the condition of the skin and how well the brows are cared for after the treatment.

Henna Spa is a complete treatment regime that begins with cleansing the brow area and exfoliating to remove any dead skin cells, a shampoo is then used to open the hair shaft and allow for long lasting colour deposits.  The Henna is mixed to a smooth paste and applied to the brow area and allowed to process for up to 20 minutes – the longer the colour is left on for the longer the skin stain will last on the skin. Finally a fixative is applied over the brow area to help set and cure the colour and can be on-sold to your clients for home care to protect the brow stain effect.

Benefits include:

  • No hydrogen peroxide
  • No lead or ammonia
  • 7 colours available
  • Tattoo effect
  • Lasts up to 4 weeks on hair
  • Natural alternative for sensitive clients
  • Professional use
  • 15 to 20 minute treatment
Eyebrow wax with Henna tint
Eyebrow Henna tint

Eyelash Lifting / Perming


The lash lift procedure has revolutionised old, inadequate perming techniques. Using silicone pads instead of perm rods, this new technique can lift, straighten or curl, and lengthen your own natural lashes to create a brighter, fuller, wide eyed look. No need for extensions and the associated aftercare, this will last you 6-8 weeks.

Eyelash Lift
$75.00 Includes tint + eye mask.
Express Eyelash Lift

Your eyes may be one of the most impressionable parts of your face but it’s your lashes that add the extra POP! If your lashes are lacking in volume and are looking rather bare, then a lash lift and tint may be what you need to rejuvenate your entire face. It’s true — a simple lash treatment can give your face all of the boost it needs to look young, fresh and vibrant and it can happen without any pain or downtime!

How Does It Work?

Lash lifting and tinting is the hottest trend in the industry today, with its simple and yet highly- effective method for creating fuller, luscious lashes in a relaxing, 30-minute professional treatment. At Féather Brow Couturé, your lashes are given the ultimate revival with Eleebana One Shot Lash Lift silicone rods, which adhere closer to the base of your lashes for an added curl and pronounced intensity rather than what perming rollers are able to provide.

Only the natural beauty of your lashes is used to create the length you are looking for and your results can last up to 12 weeks! A lash lift is the perfect investment if you’re looking for a low- maintenance, long-lasting enhancement that boosts, elongates, corrects and darkens your natural lashes. You’ll begin your procedure with a consultation, which is where you can talk about the amount of curl you envision for your lashes. Afterwards, you’ll have your lashes prepped and the Eleebana silicone rods will be placed on the upper lids of your eyes. A safe adhesive is used to quite literally lift the lashes onto the rod and hold them in place until the desired effect is achieved. Once lifted, a soothing conditioner is placed onto the lashes for added moisturisation. It’s that easy and suitable for all patient types!

Want More Wow? Add Some Tint!

As part of the many great packages that are offered at Féather Brow Couturé, lash tinting is performed as a complementing procedure to your lash lift. When you’ve achieved the height you want for your lashes, try enhancing them even further with a tinting treatment. Using the exciting colours from the Belmacil lash tint range, your lashes will appear subtly darker but completely personalised for your skin tone, adding a touch of drama and flare that looks completely natural to the contours of your face. For the best results, the tint is added immediately after your lifting treatment, making it very convenient to receive.

With a lash lift and tint at Féather Brow Couturé, your eyes will look incredible! There won’t be any pain, downtime or special care to worry about and you can apply your mascara just as you normally would, except now you’ll notice much more volume! This treatment is a great addition to your brow feathering procedure as well and can be performed in the same appointment. All you have to do is call and schedule a consultation here in Sydney if you’re ready for the wow factor that comes with amazing lashes!