Facial Services


S k i n s t i t u t

Expre s s C l e a n s i n g F a c i a l

A relaxing deep cleansing facial, great for oily or congested skin types or for dry and dull skin needing a boost. This Facial Includes a deep cleanse, facial steaming, gentle exfoliation, black head treatment and extractions, mask, High frequency ultrasonic infusion and fi nishing with a neck & shoulder massage and creams to finish.

30 Mins – $65.00

Age Defe n s e F a c i a l

Ultimate relaxation using pure collagen extracts to saturate the skin with moisture, a gentle alternative for your anti-aging goals. This facial includes full face steamed cleansing, deep yet gentle exfoliation, high frequency treatment or ultrasonic treatment, specialized mask and relaxing neck & shoulder massage then fi nishing with a treatment serum, moisturizer and eye serum.

30 mins – $70.00

G e n t l e G ly c o l i c F a c i a l

Gentle glycolic Exfoliation is Perfect for removing dead skin cells, reducing fi ne lines and pore size, correcting sun damage, mild scaring and skin discoloration. This facial includes full face steamed cleansing, an intense exfoliation, neck & shoulder massage, glycolic peel a soothing mask to calm the skin and boost moisture and fi nishing with creams to suit. Add Dermalux LED light therapy to further enhance your treatment for $40.

45 mins – $70.00

Bio Hydro D e r m a b r a s i o n F a c i a l

A non invasive treatment that buffs away dead skin cells using a diamond exfoliation disk and simultaneously cools and infuses your skin with your chosen serums and infusions to resolve your skins conditions from dyness, aging, fi ne lines, acne, hyper pigmentation and excess oils from your very fi rst treatment. Add Dermalux LED light therapy to further enhance results for $40.

60 mins – $110.00