Rebalance your body and mind with a beautifully administered, healing massage. Massages are available for relaxation and detoxification, using comforting, expert hands and heavenly scented certified organic essential oils and balms. Your massage can also be adjusted to allow more attention to chosen areas to further tailor your relaxation experience. As massage oil is used, it is necessary to be unclothed for treatment, a side from underwear (luxury disposables are available). Our oils are light and absorb beautifully, so that you can change back into your clothes cleanly without the need to shower.


A simply beautiful massage to indulge your body. Using a luxuriously nourishing and soothing balm made with 100% pure, cold pressed virgin Coconut Oil, this massage is exquisitely designed for your optimal                                                                             relaxation and rejuvenation. This classic massage utilizes long strokes and                                                           kneading to improve muscle tone, stimulate circulation and relax the                                                                       entire body. Relax on a journey guided by with the subtle scent of real                                                                     natural coconut, and leave feeling totally pampered and richly nourished.

                                                     30 Min Swedish Massage (Neck, Shoulders and Back)- $55.00
                                                     60 Min Swedish Massage (Full Body) – $80.00


Great massage for clients who prefer a light to medium pressure massage. Start your treatment with warm oil Swedish massage movements then to Relax your mind and cure those sore muscles with our Spa Hot Stone Massage. Our hot stone massage help release muscle tension.                                                                                       Complimentary thermal oil used in areas where tension and pain exist, this                                                           deeply tranquilising massage treatment uses the weight and warmth of                                                                  ancient volcanic stones to release stress and tension from the body.

                                                       60 Minute Spa Hot Stone Massage – $95


This treatment Includes  your scalp being indulged in the art of pressure points massaged to  reduce stress and tension. A stress relief massage of the head and neck to leave your mind feeling clearer. Popular for migraines and headaches.

                                                      Warm Oil Head Massage 15 Minutes – $35.00


Do not have a massage if you currently have an infection or fever. Wait until your temperature returns to normal before having this massage. We can accommodate pregnant guests from the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. We offer a firm massage on request however this is not a deep tissue, corrective or remedial service.