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Eyelash Extensions – Brush on Fibre Lashes by Cherry Blooms   Eyelash Extensions Brush on Fibre Lashes

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In 3 easy steps, Cherry Blooms Brush On Fibre Lash Extensions give you the effect of extensions, without the drawbacks.

High quality beeswax hydrates lashes while fibres add 3D volume. AMPLIFIES lashes by 300%.



#1 Salon Recommended Eyelash Extensions Solution

  • Cherry Blooms Fibre Lash Extensions give you 300 per cent thicker, longer & more natural lashes
  • Just one product, two tubes in three simple steps
  • Looks fresh, stays on all day and won’t flake
  • Cherry Blooms is water-resistant so it’s cry, laugh and sweat proof
  • Made from high grade beeswax & black fibres
  • The only Fibre Lash brand that offers a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Aestheticians from around the globe have fallen in LOVE with our lashes. You will too.



  1. Easy To Use Easy application in 60 seconds. Just two products in three simple steps. No glue, no mess, no fuss and no irritation.
  2. Safe Cherry Blooms Brush On Fibre Lash Extensions safely recreate the effect of false eyelashes without harsh glues. Our formula contains all natural, non-toxic ingredients suitable for those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. It’s water-resistant, so it’s smudge, cry, laugh and sweat-proof. It’s metaphorical equivalent of the sister you’ve always wanted. Our natural plant-based fibres don’t fall on your face and easily wash off with warm water, which melts and softens the beeswax gel, so it can be easily removed with a cotton wool ball. No need for oil-based makeup remover!
  3. Our Beeswax Is Better Cherry Blooms high potency beeswax helps the fibres stick to the lashes and stay put all day without flaking like imitation brands. Benefits of our high grade beeswax include:
  • Moisturises like a leave-in lash conditioner, building lash strength and thereby preventing brittleness and fall-out
  • High quality beeswax stimulates lash growth and helps regenerate cells faster
  • A shelf life of three years, thanks to antibacterial properties that prevent bacteria breeding.
  1. Triple Effect Cherry Blooms Fibre Lash Extensions is NOTyour ordinary mascara. Create the length and volume you desire.
  2. Satisfaction Guaranteed We are the ONLYFibre Lash that offers a 60 day money back guarantee because we’re so sure once you try it, you’ll love it!

What Makes Cherry Blooms Fibre Lash Extensions Different? Cherry Blooms Fibre Lash Extensions’ formula contains more high quality potent beeswax than cheaper brands. This promotes maximum adhesion of fibres to the lashes so they stay put without flaking and helps create up to 300% longer lashes.This revolutionary fibre lash extension product was rated by customers as the best one they have tried because of its ability to thicken and extend your natural lashes up to 300% guaranteed.


PROBLEM: For centuries, women have tried various strategies to make the windows to their soul stand out. Cleopatra used kohl eyeliner, Twiggy used false lashes and Kim Kardashian turned to eyelash extensions. Unfortunately, when it comes to false lashes, not many women can master the art of self-application. Semi-permanent lash extensions look impressive upon application, but again, there are many downsides – they breed bacteria, are uncomfortable, expensive, high maintenance and cause eyelashes to fall out. And of course, normal mascaras, even the expensive ones, are limited in their transformative powers. SOLUTION: Cherry Blooms spent more than 12 months working on a its Brush On Fiber Lash Extensions, which combined world-leading Korean beauty technology with Australian innovation and values. The perfected formulation uses fibers and quality beeswax to create a truly game-changing product. RESULT: Cherry Blooms gives you EVERYTHING without the drawbacks. It’s easy to apply, nourishes and hydrates lashes with natural beeswax, contains plant-derived fibers that AMPLIFY your lashes by 300% and is cry, laugh and sweat proof, yet melts off with warm water. It’s like you’ve got extensions, but without the heartache. What’s not to LOVE?



Fiber Brow Kit with StencilsFibre Brow Kit with Stencils

  • Brand: Cherry Blooms
  • AUD$49.50
  • PROBLEM: There was no product on the market that provided a 3D, natural brow shape that was easy and quick to apply, could be tailored to the individual’s colouring and shape preference.

SOLUTION: Cherry Blooms designed a Fiber Brow Kit with three different stencils in four different shades.


    • Cappuccino Brown (for medium to dark brown hair)
    • Mocha (for blonde to light brown & red hair)
    • Latte (for platinum blonde hair)
    • Espresso (for black to grey hair)





    • Our proprietary blend of natural fibers and smooth powder act like instant 3D brows, embedding fibers that fill out gaps and extend length where needed
    • Our brow angles compliment all face frames
    • Semi-permanent formula won’t fade during the day but won’t absorb into skin
    • Sweat-proof, splash-proof
    • Beautifully shaped, durable stencils
    • Easily create perfect, tailored, professional-looking brows within 10 seconds
    • Washes off with warm water, cleanser and a cotton ball.