Armpit Beauty ! 

Armpit Beauty: Yes, it’s a thing

So, have you checked out your pits lately? Yeah, your armpits? What? You didn’t know it’s a thing now to have lovely arm pits? Well, we all knew it had be coming with Dove’s commercials last year featuring women talking about having pretty arm pits (reading love letters to them – yeah, OK). Now we see that arm pit beautification is a very real movement.

A July 21, 2015 article on Psychology Today discussed this phenomenon. It seems that women are not only getting in touch with their “natural” side, they are going a whole other step by dying their arm pit hair (and if you want to know the psychology being body hair – or lack thereof – the article is worth the read).

I won’t even begin to try to tell you how to dye your arm pit hair, I don’t know how anyway – and no thanks, I really don’t want to know – but I do have some tips for you if you want a set of pretty pits.

Antiperspirants can contain things like aluminum salt and alcohol which can be extremely drying and cause irritation. Read the label. If any of the ingredients end in “paraben” put it back on the shelf.

Deodorants are good, especially those that are natural, but some people can’t handle the way it feels. They are so used to the super dry underarm that comes from using antiperspirant, that when they get something natural it feels icky. Take heart though, you can get used to deodorants which are better for you anyway.

Shaving and using antiperspirant can dry out your skin so you want to keep it hydrated. Beauty experts recommend using lotion after shaving and before you apply antiperspirant.

Gentle exfoliation a couple of times a week before shaving can keep your underarms smooth and pretty. Choose something that is moisturizing and very gentle – and don’t overdo it.

Hyperpigmentation, or dark pits, are caused by plucking your underarm hair (seriously?), wearing tight clothes, and wearing antiperspirant. This condition causes underarms to get dark and sometimes splotchy. If you have dark pits, take heart! Skin lightening treatments and chemical peels can help you correct the problem in a matter of days.

Shaving can be irritating. If it is bothering you, laser hair removal may be the answer. It is the most gentle hair removal treatment and the least likely to damage skin. Plus it removes the hair permanently.

So now when you are taking all those selfies you can flash your pits with confidence.