5 Tips to extend the life of your false Eyelashes 

Want to increase the duration of your eyelashes? Here, we’ve got something which will make your eyelashes visible for longer duration.

False eyelashes are the ultimate way to achieve full, lush lashes without the day-to-day fuss that accompanies a time-extensive makeup routine. With proper care, lash extensions can last through a full growth cycle of your natural lashes, or six to eight weeks on average. Fortunately, you can make your false eyelashes last even longer by following a few simple tips.

1. Remove Old Glue
Over time, eyelash extension glue can build up on the lid, resulting in a poor adhering between the lid and lash strip. This build-up of glue can also make the false lash application more difficult, and can leave the lashes looking unnatural. Therefore, in order to remove old glue, we need to carefully peel away any bits of dried glue with a pair of clean tweezers.

2. Sleep on Your Back

Sleep on your back the first night after applying false eyelashes. While the glue may seem dry to the touch, it can take several hours for the glue to fully dry. Sleeping face-down before the glue dries can result in odd kinks in your lids. After 24 hours, you’re safe to resume your natural sleep position.

3. Steer Clear of Heavy Liners

Excessive use of eyeliner can cause an unhealthy buildup on the lash line which can further interfere with the application of your false lashes. To ensure a proper bond between the lids and lash extensions, be sure to keep the lids clean and free of makeup and debris during application.

False eyelash on a finger

4. Rinse and Sanitize

After removing the glue, drop the false lashes into a bowl of warm water for about 30 seconds in order to loose any makeup residue. If you have artificial lashes, you should also sanitize them regularly with plan rubbing alcohol. Real hair lash users should stick with a water-based makeup remover.

5. Brush and Define

The fine, delicate hairs found on lash extension strips can easily crisscross and twist together, causing messy-looking lashes. In order to eliminate this hurdle, use a spoolie wand to gently comb out your false lashes and straighten any tangled hairs. This will result in a luxurious, defined look.

It’s easy to extend the lifespan of your false eyelashes with minimal time and maintenance. For more information about lash extensions, contact a spa or salon near you that offers this service.